Six Sigma Glossary

Confused by Six Sigma terms? Want to find out the meaning in seconds? Six Sigma Glossary is a simple mobile reference to help you quickly find the meaning of Six Sigma terms and abbreviations.

Whether you are preparing for certification, or looking for reference in work or study, Six Sigma Glossary is a handy reference you can use anytime anywhere. It is especially suitable for those busy working groups or students who are always on the move. It saves you time and effort in searching through documents and web.

Six Sigma Glossary provides a comprehensive list of definitions for over 900 terms and abbreviation used in Six Sigma.

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It has the following features:

  • Modern look and feel, and tablet optimised
  • Index scroller to quikcly jump sections
  • Filter with highlighted matches
  • Easy share
  • Forward, backward and random term browse mode (tablets only)

Note: Six Sigma is a set of tools and strategies for process improvement, widely used today in different sectors of industry, from products to services.



You can scroll through the list and click on a term/abbreviation you are interested in to see the definition.

An A-Z index scroller will appear on the right when you scroll. This allows quick access to sections of the list - you can either tap on the alphabet to jump to a particular section, or drag along the scroller to move through sections.

(For tablets only) A browse panel is shown on the term definition screen, which allows you to explore the next, previous, last, first or a random term.



Filter can also be entered to provide a list of filtered results. The matches are highlighted in "red".



Usage help is available.